Study of Palm Oil Waste Water Treatment by Electrocoagulation

  • Pattaraporn Aunthong
  • Nalinee Kulkurusas
Keywords: Electrocoagulation, waste water, palm oil mill


This research has studied the treatment of Palm oil wastewater by Electrocoagulation. Acid-alkali and soluble solids values before and after the process of Electrocoagulation are studied. Sludge and wastefoam that occurs in the process are also observed. The electrodes are made of aluminum with surface area is 12 cm2 and separation is 3 cm.The current density is expected to be 25, 50, 75 mA/cm2, within 90 minutes in the experiments. The result show that the fat oil and total solid contentin the wastewater are reduced by 75% and 54% respectively while the pH-value isincreased from 3 to 5.5 andthe sediment are increased90.68% from initial.