Development of Insulation from Nano-composite Materials from Rice Husk Ash and Carbon of Hermit Flowers

  • Rohanee Tok Yala Rajabhat University
  • Eman Maae Yala Rajabhat University
  • Ruhaisa Dearamae Yala Rajabhat University
Keywords: insulation, nano-composite materials, water absorption, morphological analysis, conductivity


The objective of this research is to test the physical properties of nano-composite materials and to test the thermal properties of insulation from rice husk-carbon from hermit flowers, to be used as insulation in the house. In this research, density, fire spread, water absorption, and morphology were collected. The results of the research showed that insulation at a 94:6 ratio had a high density and prevent the spreading of fire. The insulation ratio at 92:8 is the ratio that takes the longest time to absorb water. The external insulator morphology and internal morphology of rice husk with carbon from hermit flowers were analyzed. As a result, the external morphology was porous, and the internal morphology of the rice husk is nanometer level and very porous. In addition, the results for thermal properties of insulation from rice husk with carbon from hermit flowers. It was found that each ratio of heat conductivity ranged from 0.17-0.18 Watt and the temperature difference was approximately 4 degrees Celsius.