Thin-Layer Dehydration of Sliced Garcinia using a Solar Dryer

  • Aesoh Lateh
  • Pateemoh Saha
  • Eleeyah Saniso Yala Rajabhat University
Keywords: drying system, solar energy, Garcinia slice


This study concerned the construction and testing of solar dryer systems for food and agricultural product drying. The results showed that the average temperature in the drying chamber and the solar panel was 60.2 and 74.4oC, respectively, at an average ambient air temperature of 36.9oC. Drying garcinia (Garcinia atroviridis Griff. ex.T Anderson) slice using the developed dryer was found to be able to reduce moisture content equal to 87.3% with a drying time of 21 h (3 days) compared to drying garcinia slice by the natural sun, which results in reduced moisture content equal to only 82.2 %.