Application of Green Okra Mucilage as Stabilizer in Chocolate Ice Cream

  • Chanikan Chumsri Phuket Rajabhat University
  • Teethawach Thammaruksa Phuket Rajabhat University
  • Pitchaya Nuwang Phuket Rajabhat University
  • Maneerat Rukteangan Phuket Rajabhat University
  • Warangkana Thongnoppakun Phuket Rajabhat University
  • Thachaporn Chaicharoen Phuket Rajabhat University
Keywords: mucilage, Green Okra, stabilizer, Guar gum, chocolate ice cream


This study aimed to investigate the properties of mucilage extracted from Green Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) and the suitable ratio of Green Okra mucilage powder using in chocolate ice cream. The analysis of chemical compositions and sensory evaluation of three formulas of chocolate ice cream with 0.5, 1, and 1.5 % of Green Okra mucilage powder were compared with the standard formula that contained 1 % Guar gum. Sensory testing was analyzed using Hedonic nine-point scale method. Research results found that the scores of aroma, taste, and texture of the 1.5 % mucilage powder formula ice cream were significantly higher than other formulas (p < 0.05). In addition, the scores of taste and texture scores of the 1.5 % mucilage powder formula ice cream were significantly greater than standard formula ice cream. The mucilage extracted from Green Okra also had fat (18.72 %), fiber (0.03 %), and ash (9.99 %) components as well as high percentage of protein (18.72 %) and carbohydrate (61.72 %). Green Okra mucilage powder had 8.81 % moisture content that was not greater than standard for dried food set by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (15 %). These research findings showed that the mucilage powder from Green Okra had nutrition compositions that suitable for using as a stabilizer in ice cream and various food products.