Designing Scientific Inquiry Learning Activity Supported Science Literacy According to PISA, in Basic Electronics, to Improve Science Process Skills of Secondary School Students

  • Bannarak Khumraksa Suratthani Rajabhat University
  • Jiraporn Phengkampang Suratthani Rajabhat University
Keywords: science process skills, scientific literacy competency, scientific inquiry, basic electronics


Learning science with the scientific inquiry approach has been widely known in science education as a strategy to improve students' scientific literacy competencies. This research aims to design scientific inquiry learning activity supported science literacy according to PISA, in basic electronics, to enhance science process skills for secondary school students. The quality of the designed learning activity plan was evaluated and found to be of good suitability. Then, this learning activity was implemented with a selected target group of 28 students from a large high school in Surat Thani province. Student’s science process skills which are experimental skill, constructing hypothesis skill, identifying and controlling variables skill, and interpreting data and conclusion skill were assessed by using the science process skills assessment form which is a three-level rating scale. The item-objective congruence index (IOC) of the scientific process skills assessment form which analyzing each item exists in a range of 0.67-1.00. The results revealed that this developed learning activity shows a potential trend that can greatly improve the experimental skill of the target students. While other scientific process skills were not yet evidence of the obvious development.