Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Film with Activated Carbon for Energy Harvesting

  • Rusna Dorotae
  • Seeteepateemoh Yeesamaeng
  • Nursuhada Bindulloh
  • Darika Jaaoh Yala Rajabhat University
Keywords: energy harvesting, activated carbon, natural rubber


The empowerment of energy harvesting natural rubber films can be done by using a high conductivity activated carbon. Three types of the activated carbon in this work are the commercial activated carbon (ACCarbon), the activated carbon from Bamboo (ACBamboo) and the activated carbon from Mimosa (ACMimosa). The results show that the particle of ACMimosa are great dispersion in a natural rubber matrix, following by ACBamboo and ACCarbon, respectively. The surface roughness of the natural rubber filled ACMimosa, ACBamboo and ACCarbon are 69.2 nm, 123.1 nm and 142.0 nm, respectively. Natural rubber films containing active carbon from bamboo have the highest value of 0.30 MPa. While the dielectric constant of the natural rubber film mixed with carbon from Mimosa has the highest value of 26.4, followed by natural rubber film containing activated carbon from Bamboo at 25.0 and natural rubber films that mixed with the commercial activated carbon has the lowest dielectric constant at 24.3. Resulting that the ability of harvest energy from natural rubber films containing activated carbon from Mimosa is the highest at lowest frequency.