Bird Diversity in Public Park, Phuket Province

  • Nichakun Mahima
  • Wiphatcha Ketrod
  • Sirinthorn Kerphet
  • Warangkana Thongnoppakun
  • Saisanit Phongsuwan
Keywords: diversity in urban area, bird, public park


Public parks are important habitats to maintain the bird diversity in urban area. This research aimed to survey the bird diversity in public park in Phuket Island. Roadside count method was used to collect data in the morning (06.00-09.00 a.m.) and in the afternoon (03.00-06.00 p.m.) during January-February 2018, at 6 study sites. A total of 79 species from 36 families of birds were found. Rock Pigeon had highest density (1,269.63 individuals/ km2) while most others likely had low density. 47 species were resident birds and 32 species were migratory birds. Seventy-four species were under protected by Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535. In addition, most bird species were least-concern animals categorized by IUCN, except White-faced Plover of which data is deficient. Most bird species commonly appeared at 3 -15 meters height but the birds foraging on the ground contributed highest number of individuals. Diversity index was highest at Sapanhin Park (H’=2.96) and lowest at Patong Dolphin Park (H’=0.88). Additionally, analysis of similarity index showed that Suanluang Rama IX Park and Bangmaruan Park had the highest similarity index (0.985). The information in this study benefits in planning of public park management to increase diversity of birds as well as to serve the education and ecotourism in the urban area, in line with sustainable management for urban community.