Antioxidant Studies in Karanda (Carissa carandas Linn.)

  • Haris Mamat Yala Rajabhat University
  • Nurhafisa Atalaha Yala Rajabhat University
  • Piyasiri Soontornnon Sinchai Yala Rajabhat University
Keywords: Karanda, flavonoid, antioxidants


Antioxidants that are currently interested in such as, vitamin A vitamin C, are often found in fruits and vegetables. The Karanda (Carissa carandas Linn.) was used in this research with the purpose of finding flavonoids and the antioxidant activity. The results revealed that the Karanda extracted contain the flavonoid, there were 31,282 ± 573.5 µg/ml, compared to the standard curve of the quercetin. Antioxidant activity was reported with IC50 that was 44.26 µg/ml compared with butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) standard.