Improvement of the Electrical Power Generator for Pico-Hydropower

  • Hisroh Jatum Yala Rajabhat University
  • Muhamadhagim Waenuseang
  • Waerusnani Hama
  • Eleeyah Saniso
Keywords: electrical generation, motor improvement, pico-hydro power


This research is to improve the washing machine motor for use as a pico-hydropower generator device. By using the washing machine motor (TOCHIBA S-DD inverter direct drive) was upgraded to provide higher electric power. From the experiment, it was found that washing machine motor used as a conventional generator can provide electrical power of 112.2, 97.4 and 66.8 W at the motor speed is 2570.3, 2333.7 and 1836.7 rpm, respectively. While, an improved washing machine motor was used as a pico-hydropower generator device shown that the washing machine motor can provide higher electrical power as 1095.3, 984.1 and 538.8 W at the motor speed are 2570.3, 2333.7 and 1836.7 rpm, respectively.