Antioxidant in Stenochlaena palustris (Burn. f) Bedd.

  • Sareha Dorloh Yala Rajabhat University
  • Asmi Buza
  • Piyasiri Sinchai
Keywords: Stenochlaena palustris (Burn. f) Bedd, flavonoid content antioxidant


This research aimad to investigate the phytochemical from Stenochlaena palustri (Burm.f) Bedd. extracted by water acetone and ethyl acetate. The results revealed that the Stenochlaena palustri (Burm.f) Bedd. extracted by ethyl acetate found the flavonoid compound. However, water and acetone extracted had a negative result. And then the total flavonoids content in extracted there were  7.998 ± 0.417 mg/ml compared to standard quercetin solution. The IC50 of the radical scavenging activity were 2494.89 µg/ml. However, the study of total flavonoids content and radical scavenging activity should be further tested in order to type of flavonoid.