Improvement of Scientific Process Skills for Mattayom 1 Student Using Research-Based Instruction, in Topic of Photosynthesis, for a School of Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province

  • Tiptawan Kaewphet
  • Bannarak Koomraksa
Keywords: scientific process skill, research-based instruction, Matthayom 1, photosynthesis


Scientific process skill is an essential task to study in Science subject. Research-based instruction (RBI) is a teaching strategy which can improve scientific process skills of students. This research would thus to design research-based learning (RBL) activity in Science subject for Matthayom 1 students to improve student’s scientific process skills in which 5 skills including observation skill, constructing hypothesis skill, inferring skill, experimenting skill and interpreting data and conclusion. Learning topic is photosynthesis of plant. The sample was conducted by cluster sampling of 35 students in Mathayom 1 of a high school in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province which in academic year 2018. The research instrument are comprising of 1) research-based lesson plan in the topic of photosynthesis of plant which would be allowed for 2 weeks and 3 hours per week and 2) scientific process skill’s evaluation form. Researcher themselves conducted the class activities along with a designed lesson plan, observed learning behavior and collected data. The data were analyzed by mean and standard deviation values to interpret the research results. The result found that research-based instructional activity can provide the sample students exhibited scientific process skills in good level.